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You have used the parameter "website" in the template, but these organisations are not websites, they are the publishers of the website and should not be in italics. Factotem ( talk ) 23:07, (UTC) Technical checks isbn formats are inconsistent; mix of isbn-10 and isbn-13; I'm a bit dubious about converting 10-digit isbns just because we can. So, for me, the article is one alt text away from a support. Are there any examples of very popular PC puzzle games that preceded Deactivators? I think that's all now. SchroCat ( talk ) 21:45, (UTC) Many thanks Nick. I'll add some more as I go along. Parsecboy ( talk ) 20:46, (UTC) Thanks. If there's any other egregious issues please let me know, and I'll certainly give it another pass myself.

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it was out the back. Noah Talk 23:21, (UTC) Link Virginia "steered by strengthening upper-level trough and low" Add an 'a' Comma after Pennsylvania Comments Support by Kaiser matias edit I'm totally unfamiliar with anything hurricane-related, but I'll give it a look over: ".striking North Carolina on August. I'd change "Aboriginal people" to "Aboriginals perhaps? She is perhaps most famous for retiring at the age of 23, only to come back and become one of the few players to win a Grand Slam singles title as a mother. MPJ-DK ( talk ) 16:38, (UTC) I am forfeiting my review. What was his occupation, and how come he was in a position to get this published? Please let me know if I have overlooked anything? Gerda Arendt ( talk ) 08:32, (UTC) Probably. He paid them nominal allegiance afterward.

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You could specify earlier in the section (besides just the title) if this is just the official record of the events. Highly readable, well and widely sourced, excellently illustrated and, as far as a layman can tell, comprehensive. Al Ameer ( talk ) 21:03, (UTC) De Slane is out of alphabetical sequence in the bibliography Fixed. Is there no other substantial work that could be called on? I've literally been learning about the early Muslim world as I've been writing articles for. Tim riley talk 22:06, (UTC) Image review File:John_Strong_g needs a US PD tag, and if the author is unknown how do we know they died over 70 years ago? I've linked to Turkic peoples with my previous change, and moved the link to the ghilman slave-soldiers. I found nothing in these of major concern, though to nitpick somewhat, the ABC News article by Gage published 19 May does not appear to explicitly state that the memorial was established in May 2017 ; I do have access to the first pages. Constantine 12:47, (UTC) Done.

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